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Pros & Cons

Pros: good support, Free trial, Great For the beginner

Cons: Not unlimited, Not the best for the advanced user.

Price Space Bandwidth Setup Fee Guarantee
$4.95 Unlimited Unlimited None 30-Day
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Customer Testimonials

" I'm not a programmer, but when ever I have had a question, no matter what day or what time, 365 days, 24/7, I can call an 800 # and get a live voice to walk me through my problem. That fact is worth way more than what they charge monthly to do business with them. It is the best value I have found on the internet. Customer service is my number one concern and on top of that the web hosting features are so easy to use and very flexible. I like HostGator so much I have 4 websites!"

Bob S

" HostGator has provided Web hosting to my businesses since 2001 and has become my premier provider thanks to your robust services offered that provide everything I need to conduct business on the Web. I especially appreciate the quick response to technical questions. The reliability of your network has also been a plus as I have had no complaints from customers about problems with my Web site. My Web sales have increased at least 10 percent a year since I started with HostGator. Thanks all for your continued improvements and hard work that has made my Web work easier and affordable."

Dan S.

" I have been using HostGator for my website since 1996/1997. I love the fact that HostGator incorporates one-stop shopping for all my web needs. I have been a web professional for almost 10 years now and I have had no complaints at all with HostGator. I recommend HostGator to people no matter how web savvy they are, knowing full well that HostGator will fulfill their needs. Thank you!"

Raquel M

In Depth

  • Introduction

    HostGator is a top Web hosting contender. Its pride and joy is its 30-day FREE trial, a rarity in today's Web hosting industry. HostGator also looks to separate itself from the pack by offering some of the best customer service available, as seen with its 30-day free trial and commitment to providing 24x7, 365 support through chat, email and phone support.

  • Features

    Without a doubt, the best feature with HostGator's Web hosting plan is its FREE 30-day trial. Once your trial period is complete, you can decide whether you'd like to continue for only $4.25/month. Chances are, you probably will. HostGator's hosting plan comes with a full set of easy-to-use website creation and management tools, you won't want to give them up. HostGator's products and services include: your choice of user-friendly website builders, web based e-mail, simple shopping cart tools, $80 of search marketing credits, easy domain management and much more.

  • Uptime

    HostGator provides a very stable and reliable Web hosting service to its customers. HostGator offers 99.5% uptime through triply redundant servers and backs up its members' sites through secure service solutions including carrier-class architecture. HostGator technicians also work around the clock monitoring and maintaining servers to ensure that 99.5% uptime.

  • Customer Service

    HostGator aims to provide friendly and competent technical support. They spend many hours and resources training their customer services teams and the proof is in the pudding. HostGator has a fast service request response time due to service being available 24x7, 365 by live chat, e-mail and toll-free phone customer service

  • Control Panel

    Generally, HostGator's control panel (a vDeck system) is easy to navigate the extensive and exhaustive list of its products and services. It doesn't matter if you are an HTML novice or you create elaborate, dynamic Web sites, HostGator provides tools at every level to create a stunning Web site.

  • Summary

    HostGator's main mission is to make hosting easy, cheap, reliable, and trouble free. It's clear to see that they aim to please - their 30-day free trial is a testament to their commitment to attracting and appealing to their customer base. We can easily say that even without the free trial, HostGator provides a winning Web hosting solution. Check them out today:

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