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Pros & Cons

Pros: Awesome support, Lots of FREE scripts, Good for Webmasters and beginners, Host lots of sub-domains

Cons: No SSH, No (RoR), have to pay for backups

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$3.88 Unlimited Unlimited None 30-Day
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Customer Testimonials

" I have an e-commerce website hosted by PowWeb since 1999. I've been with them for over 5 years and never had any problems. My entire company also use PowWeb's email services and it's been working great! I highly recommend PowWeb to anyone looking for hosting. Again, thank you for the excellent service and keep up the good work!"

David Liao
El Monte, CA

" PowWeb Hosting has provided me with top notch service, mind blowing features, a dedicated support team, ROCK SOLID hosting, and so many other features that I cant even list them all. PowWeb is a wonderful company, with a true dedication to the customer. You have a customer for life, PowWeb!"

Jessica Nichols

" What can one say. PowWeb are indeed, the perfect hosting solution. My site and sub-domains have been up 24/7 since I signed up with them. They are under a reasonable amount of load stress, and perform perfectly. I'll be purchasing all my future hosting through PowWeb. "

Matthew Regan

In Depth

  • Introduction

    Over the last 10 years PowWeb has earned a reputation for being a 'Webmaster's' hosting company. If you are looking for a cheap Web hosting plan that will fill the needs of the most advanced to the super beginner, PowWeb is a good choice

  • Features

    To make it easy and affordable, PowWeb packages all their features in a complete All-in-One Web hosting solution with unlimited disk space and bandwidth. PowWeb really appeals to the tech savvy audience by offering tons of easy-to-install scripts. All PowWeb hosting plans include: Email, Free Domain Management, Web site builder, CGI support and many other features that appeal to the Web Geek in all of us. Despite its appeal to the tech-savvy audience, PowWeb has also gone the extra mile and made sure that everything included in their hosting plan is so easy-to-use that you don't need to know much (if anything at all) about Web Hosting to use it all

  • Uptime

    PowWeb strongly promotes their proprietary "Load-Balanced Hosting" solution which helps to eliminate all single points of failure. So if one server goes down, there is no major effect on users and downtime. As a result, PowWeb can lay claim to one of the highest reliability rates in the industry and puts them in the top of Web hosting companies in terms of uptime

  • Customer Service

    In addition to great reliability, PowWeb's customer service is also some of the best in the industry. Offering toll-free phone support, online chat and email support, PowWeb's customer service team is solidly technically savvy as well as super friendly. What's more is that PowWeb also hosts an extensive member message forum, which allows its customers to receive technical tips and website advice from other PowWeb users. This unique support feature really sets PowWeb apart from other Web hosts and makes it an industry leader in customer support.

  • Control Panel

    Another bonus point of the PowWeb hosting plan is its attention to details and commitment to the customers' needs. The PowWeb infrastructure was built and developed in-house by its programmers and developers to cater to its satisfied and tech-oriented customers. Although the control panel is easy to navigate, a novice webmaster might be overwhelmed by the plethora of tools and scripting features. That being said, advanced webmasters should have no problems and should feel quite at home in the control panel features which include scripting tools, billing, cgi, site builders and more.

  • Summary

    As a top Web host, PowWeb's best features include outstanding reliability, advanced features for webmasters, and dedicated customer support complete with a member message forum. With the Web hosting rebate, PowWeb's premium Web hosting service is quite a bargain. Check them out today:

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